Monday, June 6, 2011

How to avoid melting

Well, it is Monday.  To get my griping and complaining out of the way quickly, I just want to say that it doesn't make a Monday any easier to hear that we are in an excessive heat advisory until Wednesday.  Gross.  For all you people who complained about the "long winter," if you come near me and say anything about preferring this kind of hellish madness, I will not spare you my fury.

Moving on... the only way to start off a Monday such as this is with a good strong dose of espresso.  My new favorite drink comes courtesy of one of my favorite Caribou baristas, Amy.  Her creativity has rendered a lovely drink that not only satisfies my caffeine/coffee cravings (four shots of espresso), but it is refreshing (iced) and tasty (white chocolate).  Mmmm....

I would now like to tell you about my Sunday adventure.  As my mother and I are hosting a baby shower next weekend, I decided it was high time to pick up our gift.  For most other people I would not have considered spending as much money as I did yesterday, but this particular friend and I go back to the cradle ourselves, so I consider it well worth the expense. 

Here is the catch:  she is registered at Babies R Us.  (Yes, I realize that the "R" is actually supposed to be backwards.  If you know how to create this effect, please, by all means, share with the group.)  I have only ventured into this baby-themed vortex once before and barely emerged alive.  This time I was not so lucky.

So my mission was to pick up the ever-popular and greatly desired "Pack 'N Play."  Essentially, this is a collapsible playpen/bassinet/changing table/nuclear warhead/multipurpose contraption.  I can certainly see the utility.  It should hardly be surprising that this object is heavy and the box to hold it is reasonably large.  Hence, I utilized a shopping cart.  The fact that this store offers grocery-store sized shopping carts should also tell you something about the range of items to be found within.

It should have been a simple mission.  Pick up the playpen and the matching sheets and get OUT.  But those crafty store designers had other plans.  Like evil geniuses, they placed the clothing section in the middle of the store and all other items on the outer walls.  This means that to get to the check-out lines, one must pass through the forest of sale priced and totally adorable baby and kid wear. 

Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with this concept.  I have already purchased a few outfits for the soon-to-be-born baby girl who shall frolic in the newly purchased Pack 'N Play.  But once I started "just looking" at different things, it soon snowballed nearly out of control.  I was literally contemplating buying the unborn child a peace sign purse.  Yes, a PURSE.  What in the world an infant would need with a cute handbag is beyond me.  Don't worry, I ultimately resisted the purse.  Of couse, if it had been in my size...

So when I arrived home with my loot, my mother and I pulled out all of our baby purchases to compare our additions to the much anticipated baby girl's wardrobe.  It is a bit insane.  It is only going to get worse once she arrives, I assure you.  Pair this with the possibility that my mother may be providing child care for her when Mommy goes back to work AND the fact that my mother and her charge will be in close proximity to two major shopping centers and you can start to get a picture of what will happen. 

After leaving with whatever shred of dignity I could muster and without spending my entire life savings, I remembered my foray into baby fashion designing.  If you have been reading my blog for a while, you may recall these episodes, but if not, check out this and this.

Now that it is summer, I felt that I should break out the creative part of my brain and make a few new designs.  Again, if anyone has the crafting urge and wants to turn these drawings into reality, please do so.  Just be sure to credit me for your inspiration. 

Nothing says "summer" like rhubarb.  Mmmmm...

Emblazoning everything with peace symbols is too easy.  It's time for an all-out "Hippie Baby."

Last but not least, S'more Baby.  You have to teach them young about proper nutrition.  How else will they survive in the wilderness?
 I hope these pictures inspire you to look forward to the days of summer when you can be outside without choking on the air around you.  Have a happy day and thank God for air conditioning!!!!

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