Sunday, June 12, 2011

Three Days in One

Have you ever had one of those days that felt like it was actually three days wrapped into one?  If not, I don't know that I would recommend it, but it certainly is a bit surreal.

Yesterday I awoke at a nontraditional Saturday time of 7 a.m. to bring my car to the dealership for its big appointment.  Since I bought the car during a torrential downpour, they recommended that I wait to have my complimentary detailing done.  Also, my license plates and side molding were in, so I now have real plates on the car.  I find that this is usually a good thing.  It just so happens that the letter portion of the plate is the same goofy word that is on my parents' new car:  GUT.  I'm not sure what acronym we will come up with to attach to this strange assortment, but it will probably be awesome.

After dropping off my car, my father picked me up.  We then embarked on a quick round of errands that started with a Target run.  Normally I would not mention this, but we arrived prior to the 8 a.m. opening of the store and were able to witness the gathering of the eager early morning Target shoppers.  It was an interesting anthropological experience.

Our other errands were less interesting - picking up coffee for my mom and myself to really get the day started.  After returning home, we started in on the major cleaning project.  Once everyone else was up, we took a family trip to the Fulton Street Farmers Market.  It's a small affair in south Minneapolis, but it was really fun.  We picked up some awesome baked goods, flowers and I found a fun food truck that I have vowed to try at some point this summer.

My mother left us at this point to have her hair done, so my dad, brother and I returned home to continue the good fight against dust and dog hair in the house.  I have to say that we were quite successful.  Finally, the dealership called so Mikey and I went to retrieve my car.  My mom still wasn't home when we returned, but we kept cleaning anyway.  Eventually I had to start cleaning myself because the female contingent of the bridal party was coming over in the afternoon to prepare themselves for the festivities.

Sure enough, no sooner had we all finished our self-prettying process than the girls showed up with their SUV full of wedding excitement.  They were quite efficient in their preparations; within an hour they were off to the park to start group photos.

From that point on, things start to blur.  As family members of the bride, we were included in family photos, so we spent much of our afternoon in the park as well.  And those heels I was so excited about?  I wore them.  Let me just say that they would have worked out great if all I needed to wear them for was the wedding and maybe about an hour or so of walking for pictures.  Sadly, it was more like 3 hours of walking and pictures.  Or more.

After the wedding ceremony, my mother and I jetted back to the house not only to release the hounds for a bathroom break but to switch up my shoes before the reception.  Again, the reception was lovely (as was the ceremony) in my aunt's beautiful backyard in scenic Belle Plaine, MN.  There were tacos, a chocolate fountain, music, candles, twinkle lights and coolers full of lovely beverages.  We stayed until the mosquitoes showed up in force.

Weddings are always nice, but they're always better when it is for a couple that you know well and who are clearly crazy about each other.  This is my aunt's second marriage, but it was to her high school sweetheart.  He has been so good for her and her four kids, and I am so happy that they have finally made it "legal."  Talk about having to wait a long time to be with the right person.

By the time we arrived home last night, it was after 11 and we were all exhausted.  My brother returns home this afternoon, but he will be back with his girlfriend this week as they are going away for her brother's wedding and we are watching her dog.  This afternoon my mom and I are hosting a baby shower, and I am pretty sure that I will soon be frantically running around to prepare for that event as well.  Tonight I plan to finish up my homework for tomorrow and get to bed at a very decent hour.

All in all, the weekend has gone quickly, but I still feel like the amount of activity made it seem like it took place over several days.  The true test will come tomorrow when I return to work and sit in class for three hours.  If I survive, you will surely hear about it.

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