Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Spicy Summer School Time!

OMG, you guys.  I wrote 20 blog entries last month!  Who would have guessed that I would be so prolific in the month where I had to finish two major papers and presentations, got a new car and bike, watched the dogs, hunted coyotes and went bowling?  Not that I'm bragging because I realize that quality is generally better than quantity and I am not sure I can attest to the meaningfulness of my recent musings.

To state the obvious, it is June.  Well, I hope it is obvious.  I suppose if you are one of those people who never looks at a calendar, does not own a watch and sits home all day watching talk shows, you may not note the passing of time. 

For me it is impossible not to notice that a new month has arrived.  There is the fact that I work in an environment that is time and date important, meaning that I have constant reminders all around me to make sure I do not forget the time, date or planet in which I reside.

The other big ticket item on the agenda for today is that tonight is my first night of summer school.  From now until July 20 I will have class on Mondays and Wednesdays in the glorious and adrenaline-filled field of government documents.  I am only partially kidding when I call it glorious.  This is due to the fact that I acknowledge that talking and learning about the millions of documents produced by the government and various agencies can seem overwhelming and perhaps a trifle dry.

Perhaps it is my Political Science minor coming back into play, but I really like learning about government functions.  Where some people are completely turned off by bureaucracy, I find it fascinating.  This is the real and legitimate documentation of what really happens in the governing of our country, and I have always been a fan of seeking out the real source as opposed to taking the word of the news media which always tends to sensationalize. 

I will now step off of my soapbox and apologize for going off on my little patriotic nerd tangent. 

You cannot see it, but I just deleted several paragraphs worth of my explaining the boring details of how my plans to spend at least a few weekends at my house this summer are being actively derailed.  At first I thought it might be entertaining or even a tiny bit interesting, but after reading it again I realized that it was not.  As you all know I am nothing if not cognizant of your entertainment needs, so I trust that you will appreciate my omission. 

In closing, I give you a little fun fact.  If you are looking for a way to jazz up your boring microwaved personal-size low calorie pizza, sriracha sauce is an excellent resource.  In fact, sriracha has many more uses than just pizza.  Like macaroni and cheese.  Or popcorn.  Just be careful not to let your love for this condiment drive you to think that you are a spicy food ninja master and purchase a jar of Mrs. Renfro's Habanero Salsa.  Oh, I finished it off (eventually), but I paid dearly for it.  Stick with what works.  Know your limits.  That is all.

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