Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood

Sadly, I believe that I am now fully re acclimated to the work environment.  Never mind that I slept through my alarm this morning for a whopping 30 minutes of non-snooze-button-sanctioned dozing.  Don't worry, I still got out the door in time.

If there is one thing that I believe helps me through my morning drudgery, it is my new Nespresso machine.  It was a graduation gift from my parents, and I have used it every single morning that I have awoken in my own home.  Lest you confuse this machine with its more well-known associate, the Keurig, let me set you straight.  The Nespresso does not make latte's.  It does not make chai.  It does not make hot chocolate.  It makes espresso. 

There is a difference here, people.  Not that I am knocking the multi-functional nature of other single-serve machines, but we are talking seriously high quality with this here device.  It is sexy and sleek.  The espresso pods must be ordered online and have fancy names like "Fortissimo Lungo" and "Roma."  No Dunkin' Donuts K-Cups here, nosiree!

You may be thinking that I am silly to forsake all other coffees in favor of espresso.  Honestly, if you found a way to travel back in time 15 years and tell 16 year-old barista Megan that she would one day love to drink espresso every morning, she would have laughed you out the door.  It was hard enough for me to work in a few drops of espresso into my hot chocolates without making a face. 

So what has happened?  Well, if you asked my grandmother (which you can't because she is dead), she would tell you it is because I grew up.  This is the woman who drank instant coffee (the crystal stuff) every day.  I remember going to the grocery store with her as a child and sampling coffee only to be horrified by its bitterness.  When I inquired as to why anyone would willingly drink this beverage, my grandmother informed me that it was an "acquired taste."

How does that work?  Does anyone know?  How did I bring this habit upon myself?  Is it due to the influence of my mother and her love of lattes?  Is it because I spent my working adolescence in coffee shops?  Or is it just because I am old?

In other news, I have made the decision to spread my job search net a bit wider.  That's right, I have applied for positions in Nebraska and North Dakota.  Before you question my sanity, hear my reasoning.  As a lifelong Midwesterner, I am aware that many people cringe at the thought of living in the "flyover states."  However, as a Minnesotan, I am aware that some people make a deeper distinction, especially when it comes to the flat states. 

It is for those very reasons that I hope my interest and applications will receive greater attention and consideration.  Not only am I willing to relocate; I am willing to move to the lands of zero elevation.  On the plus side, I am already technically a Midwesterner and the potential culture shock should not be quite as significant.

So now that I have sent a whole new batch of applications out into the world (I really should come up with a total "to date" count to illustrate how many times I have tried), I must play the waiting game and still keep and eye out for new prospects.  If you see any good jobs pop up in Hawaii, just let me know.  I know they are dying to have a pasty white Minnesota girl come and tell them all about Dewey Decimal, yo.

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