Monday, January 30, 2012

Hear me roar

I am in a bit of an isolationist mood right now.  Such a mood leads me to thoughts such as the following:

"The Vikings want a new stadium?  If we don't give them a stinkin' stadium, they're going to California?  Go ahead!  Good riddance!  No one NEEDS YOU!"

"It's an election year and all the politicians wish to pollute the airwaves with their messages of lies, misinformation and hate-mongering?  Go away!  Most voters have made up their minds already which party they will vote for and no amount of ludicrous mud-slinging will convince them otherwise - least of all, ME!"

"You people on want to give mixed reviews on the new Yaktrax I plan to purchase and make me doubt myself?  Knock it off!"

"Explain to me why employers with jobs for which I am actually qualified do not contact me, but the one slightly intimidating long shot that I send out does?!?!?!"

So that's a little scary, right?  I sound a bit rage-ful I suppose, which is misleading.  I am not full of rage.  Varying amounts of confusion and irritation, perhaps.  But mostly I am a peaceful person.  Today.

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