Monday, January 9, 2012


I need to learn to be more of a positive person.  At least with respect to my career future.  I think that I can hold on to my charming cynicism in other areas of life, but I need to think some happier thoughts about finding a new job.

It will not be easy.

I have become sadly accustomed to rejection.  Some of it is outright and honest; these are employers who take the trouble to tell you that they are passing on you for their job.  Some of them just never respond.  Come to think of it, this whole thing sort of plays out like dating.  Either you have the honest people who need closure so they come out and inform you in no uncertain terms that you will not be going out any more or they just disappear and hope you get the picture.


My realization came today as I gathered my mail after Lena's afternoon walk.  After a quick scan of envelopes, I found one from a place I applied to just last week.  As it was light and appeared to contain only one sheet of paper, I assumed the worst.  Instant rejection.  So convinced was I that I nearly threw it away immediately.  Thankfully, I opened it instead and found that it was not a rejection but merely a receipt, thanking me for my submission and letting me know that my materials would be reviewed in February when the committee reviews all applications.


That's nice, right?

When seen from space, there is probably a detectable pattern of rejection expectation that plays out in other areas of my life.  But I will refrain from outlining them here.  Instead I will go in search of warmer foot covering as I fear my toes are going numb.  Where are my sock monkey slippers?

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