Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Weather patterns

I can hardly believe that I let my 11 month anniversary with Lena come and go with nary a thought.  It is almost beyond comprehension (to me) that on February 8, it will be one year since she came to live with me.  I was always one of those people who said that they wanted a dog, but just didn't have the time, space, money, etc. 

But then I went and did it.  And you know what?  It really hasn't been a problem.  Yes, occasional vet bills are not wonderful to contemplate (or pay), but in the long run, she is way cheaper than a child would be.  Come to think of it, she is probably way cheaper than a boyfriend.  My mother is probably reading this and worrying, but never fear, Lena will not stop me from dating (should the opportunity ever arise in the future). 

So the weather predictors have forecasted snow in the near future.  Not a lot of it, but at least an inch.  Based on what we have had so far this month, that would make our total ground accumulation equal to about an inch.  It's been crazy; yesterday the high temperature was 52 degrees!  52!  Insane.  But from a commuter's standpoint, it has been heavenly. 

And you know what?  Getting 1-2 inches isn't really that bad either.  It's still drive-able and cleans up really quick.  Although there will inevitably be the morons who think that they do not need to adjust their driving habits for winter and will careen into the ditch, much to the satisfaction of everyone else on the road. 

Realistically, winter in MN is far from over.  There is no way of knowing if we will be paying for this extended heat wave come April or May, but for now, I will take it.  Thankfully I no longer need to contemplate the additional driving necessitated by being in school on top of working full time.  I must now only worry about getting myself home at the end of each day.

This weekend, there is a new event coming to the Twin Cities, St. Paul to be specific.  It is called "Crashed Ice" and is an event sponsored by the fine folks at Red Bull (of energy drink fame).  Apparently there is a world championship for this sport, and part of it is coming here.  In fact, the starting line is located next to the famous Cathedral of Saint Paul, site of my fabulous fall archives internship.  It is a little strange to contemplate adrenaline-spiked people on ice skates racing next to and down the steps of this religious landmark, but that is just what they will be doing.

According to their website, the "sport" originated in Stockholm, Sweden in the early 2000's.  I suppose the Swedish part of me should be proud, but I am not quite willing to commit to that claim until I see or know a little more about it.  True, I do love me some hockey, but this seems a little bit... odd.  Unnatural somehow.  To be honest, it sounds a bit like something my brother and his friends would have made up when they were in middle school.  In fact, they did make up a game that involved snow and hills, but I will save the details of the thrilling game of "Saucerbee" for another time. 

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