Sunday, January 15, 2012

My weekend (thus far)

Hoo, boy.  This has been a weekend of good and bad, people. 

Friday was good; my dad and I went out to dinner and I had a lovely spicy ham and cheese sandwich.  It made me happy. 

Saturday morning, I awoke and took Lena in for a vet check-up.  She was due for her heart worm test and a Lyme vaccine booster.  I had initially been hesitant about the vaccine, but her records indicated that her former owner had the shot administered, so I figured that she handled it well.

The vet visit went off without a hitch and we returned to the house for a day of relaxation.

Around 5 p.m., I went with my parents to meet some friends for dinner at a local favorite pizza place.  It was fantastic, and we invited the friends over afterwards to check out the progress on my parents' bathroom remodel.  In the course of this visit, Lena started to experience some changes in appearance.

It started when my mom was holding her and I happened to notice that one of her cheeks looked a little swollen.  This quickly escalated into an all out facial expansion.  Immediately, I put in a call to my vet brother.  No answer.  So I called his vet girlfriend.  No answer.  So I called my vet aunt.  She answered.  Her advice was to give Lena 25 mg of Benedryl. 

After a run to the drug store to purchase Benedryl, drugs were administered and eventually things got better.  Of course, this was after several rounds of vomiting and some intense scratching sessions. 

Thankfully, this is a three-day weekend for me, so I can keep an eye on Lena for an extra 24 hours.  But honestly, I can do without any further excitement for the rest of my time off.  Viva la boring!

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