Friday, January 20, 2012

Easy choices and little rants

To all the drivers on the freeway today in Minnesota:  REALLY?  Is that how you were taught to drive in icy conditions whilst snow is falling?  REALLY?  I could have sworn that we all knew by now that changing lanes without signalling while leaving NO space for the car you are cutting off to brake was a bad idea.  Apparently white work vans are exempt.  What?

Now that my rant is out of the way, rest assured that I did not have any accidents in my morning commute.  The Corolla did just fine. 

Last night I discovered that Lena does indeed have her limits when it comes to cold and snow.  I was totally ready to do a full walk yesterday, but we only made it about one-third of the way before my poor dog was having noticeable trouble keeping her paws on the ground.  So much so that she could not bear to finish her bathroom duties.  We returned home, defeated, to allow her feet time to warm up so that she could do her business in our own yard. 

It is important to note that it was not snowing yesterday.  It was just cold.  This morning, on the other hand, sometime between Lena's first outside visit and the one she makes just before I leave for work, it started to snow.

Isn't that always the way?

You should be happy to know that I came to a decision about my weekend plans.  It all came to fruition because of a phone call I received from my mother last night to inform me that we had been invited out to my aunt's house for dinner on Sunday to see my cousin who is home on leave from a tour of duty in Afghanistan.  As this also coincides with my uncle's surprise visit from Belgium, I feel an urge to attend.

The other component of my epiphany was from my dentist's office.  One of her receptionists called me yesterday to confirm my cleaning appointment next Tuesday. 

Due to the fact that my dentist's office is now located clear on the other side of the Twin Cities metropolitan area from the area in which I presently reside, I generally try to make sure that I schedule said appointments as late in the day as possible, which is 4 p.m.  So yes, I do have to take off from work a tad early, but they won't stay open later for me.  I checked.

Now that I have Lena, I have to consider what this means.  If I were to go to the dentist at 4 p.m., be done by 5 and then try to drive home to her, I would likely not arrive until 7.  This is unacceptable to Lena, so I have opted to bring her to my parents' house for the days of dental cleanings. 

If you've been following me thus far, good for you.  If not, let me summarize.  The Sunday dinner invitation paired with the impending dentist visit translate into me going to my parents' house on Sunday afternoon and coming home on Tuesday night.  Normally, it does not work this way.  Usually I spend my Sunday afternoon or evening driving back from their house to my own.  Now I will reverse this trend.

Got it?

Of my three options, I suppose this does not really match clearly to any of them.  It is a combination of the stay at home/go to see my mom choices.  Technically, I could combine all three and tell my father that I want to go to the farm with him tomorrow, but I think I will pass.  Now to get to work on all those piles in the guest bedroom...

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