Thursday, January 19, 2012

A phone, a stapler and a ceramic bluebird

Do you know how to tell when you're starting to get paranoid about all the job applications you've submitted in the past six months?  When your cell phone rings with an unfamiliar telephone number and you immediately assume that it is an interested potential employer.  Instead, it is your dentist's office, reminding you that you have a scheduled cleaning next week.  Bah.

One of my many work-related skills is my speed and accuracy.  Seriously, give me a project.  I don't care how ridiculously boring it is.  I will knock that out so fast your head will spin.  That's how focused I am.  Oh, how I wish that potential employers could see and be impressed with this skill.  Sadly, resumes, curriculum vitaes and even cover letters are not conducive to sharing this kind of super strength. 

It would be super cool if there was some sort of product review service for employees where co-workers could input their praise for later viewing by managers or other potential employers.  This information could show up in a background check, for instance.  I mean, I know it is important to know the criminal history of someone you may bring into your office, but wouldn't you also like to know the good stuff?

I'm just saying. 

(Sorry if you hate the phrase, "I'm just saying," but it felt right.)

I am now reaching the point in my week where I must decide what to do with my weekend.  When I was in school, this was not really an issue as I always had class on Thursday evenings, which meant that Lena needed to be at my parents' house, which meant that all of our weekends were spent away from home.  Without school to tie us down, we have options. 

Sure, we could go down to the parental domicile.  We were there last weekend, and it was just fine.  This weekend, however, my father is planning to head to the farm.  So we are left with a few options.

1.  Stay home.  This is the easiest option as it involves no extra driving and gives me the potential to keep working on my disaster-zone guest bedroom organization project.  I have not given it much attention since my vacation, and it is starting to really bug me. 

2.  Go to my parents' house.  My mom is apparently not going to the farm, which means that she will be alone with the dogs when my dad leaves.  I do not want her to be lonely, and I would invite her up to my place, but I no longer have a second bed as it was transported to the farm and I have not yet purchased a secondary sleeping surface.  And my second bedroom is a mess (see option one). 

3.  Go to the farm.  This is the trickiest option.  There is the potential that fun could be had, but if my mother is not there, this is not a certainty.  If I chose this option, my mother may change her mind and come as well, but we haven't broached the subject yet.  As she is one of my regular blog readers, I suspect that I will hear from her shortly after this entry is published.

To be honest, none of these options is a clear winner.  The responsible part of my brain tells me to go with Door #1.  I would like to assume that by choosing this, I would actually get some hard-core cleaning done.  But one never knows.  I can be easily distracted when cleaning is on the agenda.

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