Thursday, May 26, 2011

Buzzing Along

There are so many things that I want to mention right now, but I am pretty sure that I am going to forget half of them by the time I actually start listing them.  Bear with me, please. 

First of all, it is really a beautiful day.  I actually got to spend a little time experiencing it, even if it was mostly in my car.  Unfortunately this was due to the fact that I was attending a funeral for the uncle of one of my friends (and two of my followers).  It was a lovely service and there were some great memories shared.  I tend to get a little weepy, especially when siblings share their childhood memories, but it really is the best way to remember and begin to heal.

Aside from lovely sunshine, I should also tell you that I am on a caffeine high due to a latte this morning and a full bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper at lunchtime.  Why?  Apparently my eyes are getting old.  Last night, I suddenly realized that I need to get myself moving if I want to be anywhere near finished with the cross-stitch project I need to finish before the birth of my friend's baby in July.

I will now pause for those of you who are completely shocked to hear that I have such an old-lady skill as cross-stitching.  Rest assured that there is a story behind it.  Actually it is simple.  Maybe I've mentioned it before in this blog, but basically, when I was born, my aunt made me a birth announcement cross-stitch sampler.  My mom thought it was so cool that when her best friend had a baby five months later, she made her the same sampler.

Fast forward 31 years and me and the daughter of my mom's best friend are now best friends in our own right.  Now she (my friend) is having her first child - a girl.  Being the sentimental historian that I am, I thought that it would be "neat" to continue the tradition.  Oh, and to make it more challenging, we no longer have the pattern, so I am using my original sampler as a guide.  Believe me, it is not as simple as it sounds. 

Needless to say, my eyes are not what they once were and I found myself dropping off to sleep at 9:30 last night from pure exhaustion.  Ugh.

My next point of "excitement" came from a text I received from my father this morning.  On his normal morning (pre 6 a.m.) constitutional, he snapped a photo of a COYOTE by the driveway of the house two down from theirs.  In EDINA.  That's right, EveryDayINeedAttention EDINA.  Close to major freeways, shopping malls and tons of traffic. 

Now, I realize that I personally have nothing to fear from these small creatures.  At least I think so.  But they DO represent a threat to pets of the neighborhood, which include my parents' dogs and my dog.  I am not sure how one combats a coyote threatening to make off with a precious pup, but I am going to have to work on my ninja moves.  And carry a large stick.  Maybe the Acme company has some useful weapons.

Speaking of ninja moves, I received my final piece of alarming news today.  It could be that I spoke too soon when extolling the virtues of Minnesota being a scary bug free zone.  Read this.  Then help me look for new places to live.  Canada?  Siberia?  Alaska?  Hmmm... how about Sweden?  Norway?  I think that living above the Arctic Circle could be a deterrent to these sorts of scary critters.  I am just not sure that I can deal with encounters with spiders that could kill me or my loved ones.  Eek.

So....  that is my big caffeine-fueled news for the day.  I am so super unbelievably excited for my three-day weekend!  Going shopping, going to Brooten, maybe seeing my friends....  As long as the coyotes and spiders stay far away, it should be awesome.

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