Friday, May 20, 2011

Cliffhangers and Caffeine

What the deuce?  I had 12 viewings yesterday in the same timeframe?  While I appreciate this sudden minor burst in popularity, I have no idea where it came from. Thank you, whoever you are.

You are probably all sitting on the edge of your seats wondering if I will give you a verdict on my dating adventure.  Well, I am not one to divulge too much to such a potentially unknown audience, but I will say that it was enjoyable.  We went bowling.  In my first game, I really lit up the scoreboard with an impressive 122 points.  I am not sure what happened in the meantime, but I managed to cut my score in half for round two with a final count of 59.  Ugh.

Pizza for dinner was good as well.  We were witness to an epic catastrophe that involved an overly dramatic arm gesture by a young adolescent male that got in the way of a waitress carrying a load of soft drinks.  It was entertaining and embarrassing at the same time. 

So yes, it was a good time.  And yes, I do have plans to see this guy again, but that's all I am saying for now.  You'll just have to wait.  I did drink copious amounts of Diet Dr. Pepper, which is always lovely.  Mmmm... Diet Dr. Pepper... I could sure go for one now...  (You're welcome for the free product placement, soda company.)

Yay!  It's Friday!  Normally this signals that I will be able to catch up on sleep, but like a stupid crowned stupid I went and scheduled some routine maintenance for tomorrow morning.  First on the agenda is a nail trim appointment for Lena.  That should take about 5 minutes.  Then, I have to bring my car in for a scheduled oil change and maintenance.  That should take about two hours.  To complicate matters, my mother is working and my father will be going to the farm, which means that I had better bring along a good book.  Any suggestions?

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