Friday, May 6, 2011

Return of the Naughty Sock Monster

I suppose the wording of the title to this entry may give the impression that an epic tale is in store for you.  If so, I apologize.  Epic really is not the word to use.  Silly is better.

This morning, I awakened at my parents' house at my usual time.  My excellent father had thoughtfully let my dog out to play and be fed with the others, so I was allowed about 20 minutes of dog free rest.  When I finally dragged myself out of bed in a highly groggy state, I gathered my belongings and went to the bathroom to shower.

Generally, I try to make a habit of closing the door to my room when I stay with my parents.  This is a habit that was newly acquired with the addition of Lena to our pack due to her propensity to pilfer my stockings.  Nothing is quite as effective as a door.

Unfortunately, this habit sometimes fails in the morning when my mind is still stuck in sleep mode where I am fighting mythical beasts and wearing really uncomfortable shoes.  This morning was one such failure.

After showering, I emerged from the bathroom and returned to my bedroom for slippers.  I opened the closed door and noticed that my Hello Kitty socks were sitting on my bed.  Unfolded.  As I pondered this mystery, my father came upstairs.  I picked up the socks and looked at him questioningly.  He affirmed that one of these socks had been found at the top of the stairs and the other down in the living room.  The culprit?  None other than Lena, aka The Naughty Sock Monster.

Was the accused off hiding somewhere?  Oh no.  She was right there, tail wagging, watching me and probably hoping that I would reward her with a treat (or a sock).  I shook my head and went downstairs to promptly be swarmed by the angry mob that is our dog pack who were waiting impatiently for their morning Dingo.  Believe me, these dogs mean business.  The Mighty Thor cries, whines and dramatically lolls around on the floor.  The Naughty Sock Monster barks and makes Yoda-like growly throat noises.  Pippi the Super Genius just sits and stares at me.

As I tend to feel a little contrary in the morning, I sometimes like to make them wait.  I hate to give in to bullies.  Unfortunately, if my mother is still in bed at this time, the extra ruckus can be a bit of a problem.  Dingo treats are a lovely solution to the problem as they typically occupy the hounds for 5-10 noise-free minutes.  I call it crowd control. 

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