Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Honey Badgers and Water Chestnuts

You may have noticed that I have updated a little bit more on my blog layout.  This is due to the fact that by my mathematical calculations, I am 75% done with my graduate program.  This means that after this summer's class and the two I have in the fall semester, I am graduating.  Scary, right?

Also, due to the fact that everyone I work with has decided to inform me of their planned vacation time off all at once, I was forced to examine my calendar for the upcoming months and discovered that I too have some excitement forthcoming. 

First of all, I am now on "break."  It is a short one, to be sure, as my summer class starts on June 1.  I am going to utilize this opportunity to branch out in some areas.  I will have more to say on this later, I'm sure.

Second, this is a summer of weddings for me.  I have the first on in June and a couple more in August.  All for fun and awesome people.  Should be fun!

Third, I have the Hallinglag.  Oh yes, and then two weeks later is Bonanza Valley Days.  More on this later as well.

Additionally, I believe that July marks my one year blogoversary!  Can you believe I have actually continued to do this?  While I realize that my popularity has not exactly skyrocketed in that time, I am OK with the fact that I still fly under the radar. 

Finally, I would like to share something special with you.  My family has recently become obsessed with a set of extremely funny videos narrated by a gentleman from the Second City Network.  As I am somewhat technologically challenged at the moment, I will have to give you directions to find this on your own.

First, open a new browser window or tab. 

In the URL line, type http://www.youtube.com/ (or follow this link).

In the Search line, type "Honey Badger Randall" and select the top option from results.  Watch the video.

When you are done watching it for the fifth time, come back here.  My brother started this craze in our family, and my father now refers to everyone as a "honey badger."  It's insane.

Now for my favorite.  Remain on the YouTube page, but now search for "Water Chevrotain Randall" and watch this video.  It is the same narrator, but a different animal.  Also, the Blue Footed Booby Dance is a good one.

Randall is the same character who does the "Sassy Gay Friend" videos that are also insanely funny.  Now that I have exposed you all to the truly ridiculous humor that keeps me going, I hope you all still think I am sane and will continue to read my future musings.  If not, too bad... "you stupid crowned stupid!"

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