Wednesday, May 11, 2011

There's a twister a comin'!

Just a quick little blurb about a very interesting evening.  Yesterday was gross.  Humid, stinky, hot and just gross.  The kind of weather that makes you feel like your lungs might fill up and the air smells like cooking tar.  Ick.

Braving the heat, I took my Lena for her required walk.  While I know she appreciated the exercise, she was panting heavily the entire time and drank copious amounts of water upon our return.  As I had a lot of work to accomplish, I settled in to write at my laptop in the living room so that Lena would not feel ignored.  Not because I am just that nice, but because if she feels ignored she gets whiny very quickly.

So there I was, typing away (or imagining that I was being productive) when my phone rang.  It was my coworker, Mary, and she sounded quite frantic.  At first I was alarmed that something terrible had happened to her or one of her loved ones.  Imagine my surprise when she asked how I was doing. 

Apparently there were tornadoes in my town.  Now, I can't say that I was completely shocked by this as I had already heard the storm sirens sounding.  After this alarm, I had checked local news and radio sources and could not find any specific or terrible news, so I resumed my studious practice.  I assured Mary that I was fine and hoped that she would be able to find cover from what was apparently a major hail storm.

About 20 minutes later, my phone rang again.  This time it was my father.  He had also heard that there were tornadoes in my town and was worried about us.  I again assured him that I was fine, but as a precautionary measure, I went to the front door and looked outside.  Aside from the eerie yellowish hue of the sky and some rain, nothing seemed amiss.  Oh, and most of my neighbors appeared to be standing outside to watch the unfolding severe weather. 

My response?  I went back to work in my air conditioned house.  Lena and I went to bed at a reasonable hour and I slept quite well, thankyouverymuch.  When I awoke this morning, I took Lena outside half expecting to see debris scattered across my neighborhood.  What did I see?  Nary a twig out of place.  It was garbage day, and all of the neighborhood garbage cans were still standing with their contents enclosed. 

What is the lesson?  I don't know.  All I know is that my papers are still far from finished and I have a LOT to do in the next few days.  No amount of severe or crappy weather is going to stand in my way.  Bring it on, tornadoes!

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