Thursday, May 19, 2011

Douchebags and Dating

Sometimes I find that when I am trying to spread my love of humor with the world, it really just sounds lame.  This was likely the case with my last entry, unless you heeded my advice and checked out those YouTube videos.  I cannot really claim credit for those, however, so I will have to settle for being the reference librarian who found them for you.  Maybe I can use that to get some free grad school credits.

Yesterday I had a bit of a caffeine-crazed mental overload.  No, I did not go crazy and throw packing peanuts everywhere or smash pieces of Starlite Mints into the carpeting. 

How did it all start?  Oh, that would be when my coworker asked a question about the movie, "National Treasure."  I believe she was wondering the name of one of the actors.  Not having seen the movie, I could not be of much assistance.  This was a bit of a surprise to her as the storyline of the movie (historical artifacts, archives, etc) should appeal to me.

At this point, I had to reveal one of my unknown and bizarre dislikes:  Nicholas Cage.  Ugh.  Even typing his name into my sacred blog space makes me want to vomit.  I could probably compose an entire entry outlining my reasons for disliking this vile and odious creature so much, but I really don't feel like filling the world up with more references to this creep.  Just know that on the grand scale of things, I equate him to a Crowned Eagle, and not in a powerful majestic way.  In a stupid mammal eating ridiculous head rock swooping stupid way.

Now that summer is ALMOST here, it is about time for my schedule to start filling up like mad.  School helps immensely in this regard, but I have only gone to school in summer once prior to this year and I have always felt like my summers are just full of constant obligations.  Don't misunderstand my tone, not all of the obligations are unwelcome, it just becomes very difficult for me to remember what I need to do on any given day.

So... tonight I am doing something unique (for me).  I am going on a quasi-date!  What justifies the "quasi" modifier?  Well, this whole thing has been set up by my dear pregnant friend and is going to be a double-date type scenario involving Briana, her husband, me and the guy.  I won't share his name because that just isn't fair, is it?  Tell you what.  I will give you a little hint.  He has been on a reality TV show.  Extra hint:  it is NOT Survivor or the Bachelor.  In fact, it isn't a show that is being actively made any more.  But still.  Interesting, right?

To pull back and be a bit more general, I find it very interesting how people react to the news that I am going on a date.  After all, it is just one date.  People do it all the time and depending on how cool I am, it is an event that could potentially be repeated.  This isn't my first date of all time either.  For goodness sakes, I am 31 years old, I have been on a few first dates in my time.  Just not recently.   Hence the crazy reactions.

For instance, one of my mother's friends (who has known me since I was two years old) is so excited she has informed my mother that she is praying about it.  While that seems a bit premature to me (as I have not actually met this guy yet), I appreciate her enthusiasm.  Although it does imply that my situation appears a bit desperate, doesn't it?  Hm. 

Last night I had someone ask me what my "checklist" of items were for what I found acceptable in a date.  I was not surprised by the question, but I found that I could not supply a ready list of traits or features as I was able to do 10 years ago. 

So much of what defines personal chemistry cannot be predicted or measured by predetermined ideals.  I mean, sure, when I was young the big things for me were height, eye color and hair color.  (I wanted tall, blue-eyed guys with brown hair.)  Later in life, I chose to be selective about personality features:  sense of humor, intelligence, kindness etc. 

As time has progressed and I have seen more of the dating scene, these requirements have become secondary to the most basic ideal that when you are evenly matched, it just feels comfortable.  I can't say that I have experienced this firsthand, but I have certainly been close to those who have had it happen to them. 

This is the attitude that I take with me into new dating endeavors.  My expectations are kept to the minimum.  Don't misread this - I am not saying that I have LOW expectations or NO expectations.  But we are all just people and we all have our quirks and personality differences.  There is no guarantee of anything more than a fun night of conversation, pizza and bowling, but I am looking forward to it.  I intend to enjoy myself and hope that everyone else does as well. 

Now that I am reading this post in the hope of coming up with an appropriate title, I realize that I have not exactly stuck to a theme.  Honestly, I am a little disturbed that I chose to put Nicholas Cage in the same entry as a discussion on dating.  Arg.  What a tool.  (Nicholas Cage, not me.)

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