Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ancient blogging

This new blogger format has opened my eyes to an interesting circumstance.  As much as I would like to say that this blog was my first experience in blogging, it was not.  My first was actually done as part of a final project for one of my first classes in graduate school called Organization of Knowledge.  Essentially, an intro to cataloging.

My professor was pretty loose on requirements; he wanted us to be creative and find our own medium of presentation.  Many classmates found this lack of direction to be unsettling and therefore opted for the tried and true presentation format of a formal paper.  One enterprising gal did something called a zine.  I can only assume that this is some sort of ultra-hip and artsy offshoot of a magazine, but I didn't care, so I didn't ask.

A few of us took up the blog idea and made it work.  Truth be told, I found that it was much easier than a formal paper would have been.  It allowed for much more free flowing ideas and far less attention to proper writing protocol.  My only problem was in determining a subject to blog about.  Again, the professor was thin on requirements.

So I decided to take two things that interested me, poetry and Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) and mash them together somehow.  If you don't know (or don't care), LCSH are standardized terms chosen by the Library of Congress to be used as subject descriptors in catalog records.  It allows for better searching and categorizing of items.  OK?

Due to the fact that this project was time specific (due by a certain date), I started before the end of class and stopped at the end for a grand total of four entries.  That's right.  FOUR.  I then submitted the URL to my professor and two classmates for review.  It must have been good enough because I got rave reviews from the classmates and an A from the teacher. 

Honestly, I felt a little funny about doing well with the project.  It was so easy. 

The final outcome of the blog was that I found an interest in blogging which led to my attempt at the cookie blog, which was also short-lived but not graded.  I knew that I could take down any blogs I created at any time, but I didn't have anything in any of them that would reflect poorly on me, so I let them be and ignored them. 

Now that Blogger has started to update their interface, my full blog list has returned to my immediate line of vision.  The cookie blog remains largely unviewed, but my LCSH blog manages to get sporadic hits.  Enough to put it up over 250 views, which to me is pretty incredible for a four entry blog from two years ago that no one supposedly knows about.  As I imagine that you are all anxious to get a view of this mysterious blog, I will relinquish the URL:  http://odetolcsh.blogspot.com/

Maybe you will read it and think "What the heck, Megan?"  Or maybe you will say, "Wow, this is how all your blog entries should look!" 

So there you go.  The good news is that my rediscovery of my old blog has inspired me to share a story from my high school years that was heavily intertwined with poetry and awkwardness, with a little pinch of hormones thrown in for good measure.  But not now.  Let us part for now and rejoin on the morrow, alright-y?

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