Monday, September 5, 2011

New Beginnings

I should perhaps try a little harder to not make the writing prompt suggestions I use into my title.  Creativity is taking a holiday, it seems. 

Actually, I make take a moment to ridicule this prompt just a tiny bit.  Isn't the phrase "new beginnings" a bit redundant?  Also, is "beginning" really meant to be a noun?  Perhaps my questions here are rhetorical, but I have to throw them out there as I am starting to believe that this prompt is dumb.

Thankfully, it appears that I was correct in my illness assessment and I do not have a cold.  At least, my nasal behavior of the past 12 hours would agree with this statement. 

My brother and his girlfriend went home this morning and my father has spent the day out in the country visiting my grandfather.  My mother and I remained at home with the dogs, but we did venture out for a nice walk around the neighborhood after our luncheon at the Boundary Waters restaurant. 

OK, so it isn't called that any more.  But then, Macy's wasn't always Macy's, was it?  No.  Before that it was Marshall Field's.  Before that it was Dayton's.  It was actually Marshall Field's that did away with the name of the Boundary Waters as the name of their in-store restaurant.  The lovely restaurant tucked away in the basement of Southdale Shopping Center that my grandmother took us to as children.

Never mind.  If I get going on how depressing Macy's makes me feel, it could ruin this perfectly lovely day.

Can I just say how much I enjoy three-day weekends?  Or how much I would love it to be a four-day weekend instead?  Not that my work is drudgery or anything.  I just like not having to be there and not feeling guilty about not being there. 

My best friend and I used to jokingly talk about our futures and what we would do once we had settled down before and after children.  We would start our days at a reasonable hour.  No need to sleep in past 9 a.m., but no reason to be up at 5:30 a.m. either.  After a small breakfast, we would hop off to the gym where we would do yoga or work out with our hot personal trainers.  You know, exercise.

Next, we would meet up for coffee.  Probably at Caribou.  Once we were done with that, we would go home and clean up before meeting for lunch, possibly at Dayton's.  After that, we would do "errands" of some kind, which could include grocery shopping or maybe a visit to the hairdresser.  With a sense of accomplishment, we would go home and do whatever the heck we wanted until our husband and children got home. 

Obviously, these plans were made in jest.  We honestly had no intention of becoming high-class pretentious "Ladies Who Lunch."  The only part that may have been somewhat truthful is that we hoped to settle down one day and be happy.

For now, we settle for going to lunch whenever we happen to have a common day off, which is sadly not as often as one would hope. 

On a different note, I am thinking of adding yet another page to my blog pertaining to music.  I don't know how this would be received or if anyone would even care to look at it.  I also need to decide how to determine what would be in it.  I have thought about simply listing my most recent iTunes purchases, but that really doesn't give a full picture of what I am listening to or what I would recommend.  Keep an eye out for it, but it may take a while.

Crap.  I just realized that I have written almost an entire entry without thinking about my imposed prompt.  Well, I guess we will just have to accept it and move on.  Like a new beginning.  Ha.

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