Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday: A retrospective

Shocking news, all.  I am spending another night as mayor of Dogville, USA.  Super fun, super fun.

It has been an interesting day. 

The morning started with a scheduled visit to my car dealership for a free oil change.  They were done in record time, and I got a car wash.  Score.  I made a stop to visit a friend who recently started working at Caribou.  Again, good.

I arrived home and sat around for a bit before volunteering foolhardily to take the dogs for a walk.  By myself.  It was not easy, but not impossible and everyone survived.  Despite Pippi's valiant attempts to cut the walk short by steering us back towards home after the first few blocks.

Sadly, we could not continue on our path of awesomeness as my next major experience of the day was a very minor family driveway fender bender.  No, it was not my fault and no, the damage was not major.  But it will require repairs and insurance adjusters.  Just a little more excitement for the coming week, right?

Fortunately, as I said, the damage was minor and my car is completely drive-able.  This is good, because my parents went back out to the farm and I had to get myself to the Cathedral of St. Paul for my archives internship orientation.  It went well, and I am very excited (and a little nervous) to start my 16 hours in a few weeks.  I expect that I will learn a lot about archiving and quite a bit about the Cathedral's history as well.

After my religious experience, I returned home to the attention-starved pooches.  We spent the rest of the afternoon/evening moving around, playing, reading and sleeping.  What an exciting life we lead. 

Tomorrow, I do not expect things to be much more lively.  I should definitely get working on my reading for class this week so that I can write the necessary reflections, so hopefully my housemates will allow it.  They can get a little jealous when it comes to books.  Or maybe it is just that they don't like me to focus that intently on something that isn't them.  Whatever.

This is one of those weekends where I really do have time to hang out and have a little fun, but wouldn't you know most of the people I would do this with are busy or out of town.  So the party stays a bit more local.  Oh well. 

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