Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hey there, Handsome. Try this cake!

This is my second attempt to write an entry today.  My first attempt is still saved in draft form, but it felt just a little bit too... angry.  And really, today I am not angry.  I am sore, but I am assuming that is due to changes in the weather.  Hopefully.

Today is my mother's last day of work at the coffee shop.  Wouldn't you know, the big-wigs at Caribou decided to make today a Buy-One-Get-One special day, which meant that when I stopped in this morning to visit her on her last day, the place was packed.  I ordered my two lattes and waited with the crowd until my name was called. 

From now on, I will probably go to one of the other three Caribous located within the same mile radius as they tend to be less busy, but today in honor of the last time my mother must spend 6-8 hours on her feet without a break, I went to her store. 

For those of you who want a cake update, it was a huge success.  My coworkers nearly devoured the entire thing over the course of the day due to the fact that several of them came back for seconds and thirds.  Oddly, the most ardent admirers of this cake were male.  Perhaps this indicates that this particular cake would be well-suited to attracting male admirers in a broader sense.  (Outside of work, I mean.)

How should I do this?  Walk around with plates and forks in my purse and my cake-save?  I could bring it with me to my mother's coffee shop, a place replete with young attractive professional men.  After ordering my coffee, I could set my cake up on the table and wait for the men to come over and admire.  Once they tried the cake, they would ask for my number.  And so on.

The only problem with this plan is that it could create unrealistic expectations.  Truthfully, as you all know, I do not make cakes all that often.  Yes, my latest cookbook has inspired me to do more cake baking, but I am fairly certain that I am not going to continue making them every few weeks.  I am in the test phase right now; trying out the different recipes to find the best and gaining experience in the process. 

One of my female coworkers did have an interesting suggestion.  Her theory is based on romantic comedy movies in which a young single female opens her own pastry shop only to have a tall dark and handsome man walk in and somehow end up being her magical special someone.  While this does sound appealing, there are a few obstacles that would need to be overcome. 

First, I would need to be a pastry chef.  Baking two cakes in the space of a month does not a professional make.  Second, I would need to own my own business.  I have no idea how to do this, and I suspect that it would be extremely tiring and time consuming.  Third, who would entertain my dog while I baked?  She seems to take baking time as the proper moment to demand my undivided attention to the point that I shower her with treats to distract her from my negligence.

So you see, this may not be feasible as a long-term plan.  If anyone has other suggestions, please let me know.  I am open to new ideas.

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