Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cake beats fog!

I was once told that I have a memory like a sponge.  This was due to my ability to recall details from major events in high school, not my ability to recall things that I did yesterday. 

My problem usually turns out to be in the area of quotations or song names.  I will be riding in the car and a song will come on the radio that catches my fancy.  I will consult my car's radio screen and try to make a mental note.  If this fails, I try and note the time of day for later comparison with the radio station's online playlist.  Even so, I sometimes forget.

Yesterday on my drive home, I was listening to the banter between my the "news guy" and the regular DJ on my favorite station, and he finally came to the weather forecast.  Now, I am not normally one to pay much attention to the weather as it is typically neither funny nor entertaining.  But there was one thing I did note in yesterday's report:  patchy fog was expected for this morning.

Actually, it was not so much the fog as it was how the radio man said it:  "Patchy fog makes its triumphant return." 

If I ever had to lend extra description to fog, I am not sure that I would have immediately turned to "triumphant," which is why I promptly burst out laughing when it was said.

This morning, as I harnessed Lena for our morning walk in the dark, I remembered the words and was therefore not surprised to find that our world was just a bit spookier as we emerged from the front door.  Pair this with the fact that I definitely saw some sort of creature dart into the woods when we came out and you can see why I was a bit edgy for our entire outing.

By the time I left for work, the triumphant fog had not yet lifted, but now that the sun is out, it has retreated.  Perhaps it declared victory too soon. 

On a different note, I did bake that cake last night and it turned out moderately well.  Thanks to my first lengthy endeavor, the process seemed to be a bit smoother and faster.  Lena, of course, was still confused and remained at my side throughout the process.  I tried to distract her with toys and treats, but she kept coming back. 

The only major downside to cake baking (in addition to the copious amount of dishes to be cleaned afterwards) is the fact that the oven creates a lot of extra heat in my house.  We have entered the time of year when I prefer to keep all forced temperature ventilation turned off.  It is not hot enough for air conditioning, but it is certainly not cold enough for the furnace.

We did have a cold spell a few weeks back, and it was nice.  Now we are back into the "nicer" fall temperatures (in the high 70's) and I am having trouble.  Sure, it's lovely for being outside and for people who do not have a problem opening their windows.  But I am no such person. 

This means that my house gets a bit stuffy.  I try not to do anything to increase the temperature beyond what my normal body heat generates, but I had to make an exception last night for the cake.  Luckily, I have fans for my bedroom which makes it possible for me to sleep despite the fact that I share my bed with a very warm and cuddle-friendly dog. 

So I know people will hate me for saying this, but I am looking forward to a slight drop in temperature.  I like coming into a warm house and having it feel nice, not stifling.  I want to be able to burn my fall-scented candles and not worry that I am creating too much unnecessary heat.  Knowing that your candles are only there to cover up the smell of one's perspiration is never pleasant.

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