Sunday, September 4, 2011

Corn of my dreams

Gah.  I think I have eaten more corn in the last 24 hours than I have in the past 10 years.  It's not a bad thing, but my tummy is not thanking me wholeheartedly for it as of yet.

Yesterday, my parents had a little family shindig that involved us drinking a whole batch of Pioneer Woman Sangria.  There were six of us doing the drinking, but it was still a little intense.  Especially when we knew that we were planning to get up EARLY this morning to attend the MN State Fair.

But... we made it.  We successfully arrived early enough to enjoy the fair before the maddening crowds, and by the time we left at 1 p.m., tummies full and multiple purchases made, we were happy. 

By far the best new item I consumed this year was the Sweet Corn Ice Cream with Honey Butter Bacon topping.  Wow.  The reviews did not lie.  I gave up my usual chocolate malt at the Dairy Building for this, but it was definitely worth it.

This year, I ended up doing more "shopping" than normal.  Lena got a new toy, I got a t-shirt and a bracelet along with some new CD's, mittens and a cookbook.  Eek.

Now we are home and slightly lethargic due to the caloric intake, our early start and the beautiful weather.  But we are satisfied.  Plus, we can enjoy the day knowing that tomorrow we do not need to return to work. 

Sadly, I do have to keep in mind that school starts this week.  Mercifully, my Thursday night professor has not assigned any readings for the first class.  This is not normal, but I don't mind.  My Saturday professor has assigned some readings, but hey, that isn't until next Saturday, right?

I must now roll my bloated self over to the next comfortable seating location and perhaps partake in an afternoon snooze.  Ta.

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