Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day, everybody!  It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and my mother wants to go out to lunch, so this will be a brief entry. 

As for me, I am finally pulling out of my Nyquil-induced coma that I was forced to enact last night when my congestion proved too much for me.  I still maintain that it was allergy related, but sadly, the antihistamine in Claritin was insufficient to quell the sneezing. 

My main suspect for the cause of this sudden and strong bout with the boogies is the Fair.  Don't mistake me, I fully enjoyed my visit and have every intention of going again next year; I may simply need to drug up on allergy meds beforehand and not wait until after the damage is done.

Something about all the hay, dust and human particles in one place came together to cause some major ickiness in my sinuses.

As my mother and her best friend can attest, the effects of Nyquil are largely sleep inducing.  Unfortunately, the kind of sleep produced can be less than restful, which is why I generally keep away from the stuff if at all possible. 

More on this later, perhaps, but I sense that I will now need to make a call on our lunch plans and I hate to waste this day on too much typing. 

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