Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Achievements and possibilities

It is pretty sad that this is noteworthy, but you should all be excited anyway.  I have avoided my pattern of procrastination!  You see, I have an assignment due this Saturday for class.  It is not terribly difficult (in my opinion) as it does not involve citation because it is a practical document. 

But witness my foresight in planning this one out.  The assignment is due Saturday at noon.  I have my internship on Saturday morning.  On Friday night, I am going to a comedy show.  On Thursday night I have class.  Tonight I have a party.  This all adds up to the fact that I will have little to no time between now and Saturday to write an entire processing handbook.

In some circumstances, I would view this as a challenge and attempt to take on the assignment in the wee hours of Friday night.  However, this time around, I decided not to risk it.  I started the paper... last weekend.  By now, it is pretty much done, with perhaps just a proofread and a final summary needed. 

Aren't you proud? 

In other boring news, I did something unusual yesterday.  I bought a hat.  Technically, I have purchased hats before, but they are usually somewhat practical.  As I live in the land of subzero windchill, I have amassed quite a collection of knitted winter hats.  My particular favorite is my sock monkey hat.  Not only is is in the height of fashion but it also has ear flaps. 

For this purchase, I drifted a little closer to conventional fashion.  Yesterday, a coworker of mine remarked that she had found a hat at Target that would match my purple purse perfectly.  She almost bought it, but held off.  I was curious, so yesterday I made a quick stop on my drive home from work to check it out. 

Sure enough, there it was: a cute purple felt hat that was very reasonably priced.  My next step was to try it on.  This is always necessary for me as I come from a family of large-headed people and traditional ladies hats do not always fit on my oversized noggin.  As luck would have it, this one actually fit.

You can guess what happened next.

So now I own a "real" hat.  Now I just have to remember to wear it.  It really is more of an in-between season hat as it is not warm enough for winter and too warm for summer.

In other news, I am a little geared up right now.  You see, today is the deadline for a job I applied for, and I am hoping against all hopes that I at least get a call on this one.  It is definitely a big deal as it would require relocation, but based on the job criteria and requirements, I know that I am qualified.  At the very least, it would be nice to get a chance to test out my interview skills.

The silly part of this is that the location and situation have been on my mind constantly since I found the posting.  In my head, I have been mentally mapping out the logistics of such a move and I am ready to either move forward with it or just let it go as a non-possibility so that I can find something else to obsess about.    Like Christmas shopping.

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