Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I have decided that it is not worthwhile to apologize when I do not post as often as I would like, so if you have genuinely missed me, too bad.  It appears that many bloggers like to take extensive breaks from generating new material, and while this is frustrating for me and my entertainment needs, I think in this case I will be a follower of the trend.

Thanksgiving is now complete; I managed to get TWO fantastic meals out of the holiday, so I was pleased.  My first was on the actual day with a small contingent of family where the highlight was the hilarious revelation made by my 17 year-old cousin that she intends to have 5-6 kids someday.  Oh, and she will be done having said brood by the time she is 30.  While I could not let this pass without some sort of comment, I think that I was kind.  At least I hope I was kind.

As is often required of me, I returned to work on the day following Thanksgiving.  It is not really as bad as it sounds, except for the fact that I work in the middle of a major retail hub, which meant that driving in and out of work was a bit hampered by the fact that there were many extra drivers on the road.  It was almost enough to elicit a "Bah, humbug!" out of me, but I resisted.

My brother and his lady friend arrived Friday evening, and we enjoyed a quiet evening at home with my parents.  Oddly, it was an evening free of engagement chatter, which was probably a relief to them. 

On Saturday morning, we awoke and prepared to leave for our second Thanksgiving celebration out at "the farm."  This was truly a momentous occasion for us as it marked the first time that my brother and I have slept in the old farmhouse in nearly 20 years.  Thankfully, we survived.

My brother tried to convince his girlfriend that the house might be haunted, but as it turns out, no one has ever actually died in the house.  Everyone always ends up at the nursing home.  I tried to bring the chill factor back by reminding them that most of said deceased relatives are buried about one mile up the road, so it would not be too much trouble for their ghosts to walk over for a visit, but no one was buying it. 

In all, the highlight of the weekend was probably making toast in the farmhouse kitchen.  It has been a very long time since food of any kind was prepared in that room, so I chalk it up to a major accomplishment.  This week my mother will christen the new shower which marks an event of an entirely different nature as it has been even longer since anyone has showered in that house. 

As much as I enjoy Thanksgiving, it has put a serious drain on my academic motivation.  This is a problem for me as I still have two rather large assignments due before I can truly say that I am done.  So my focus now must be to try and keep on track to finish well.  Then I can relax, take some time off and resume the job search.  Who knows, I may even try my hand at baking again in all my future free time!

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