Monday, November 7, 2011

Hot mess

So I do appreciate that my blog stats have been strangely high as of late, but I suspect that this may be due to several different blog crawling websites passing through, if my stats are to be believed.  Go figure.

We have now come to the week of the month where I find myself a hot bubbly cauldron of split second mood changes and misplaced anger.  You all had best keep your distance.

It starts with this morning.  Mondays are never my favorite, but I can usually bear them with a degree of tolerance.  But when one is forced to spend one's time in close proximity to someone that drives them to the point of bang-your-head-against-the-wall insanity, it gets a little dicey.  Mix in a healthy dose of hormones and you have a lethal mix. 

If you really want to have some fun, throw in some terrible news.  This time around, it is a former retired coworker of mine who passed away this weekend.  This coworker was a favorite of mine for many reasons.  First, he was just a great person.  Second, he reminded me of my grandfather, or someone who would have been friends with my grandfather.  His sense of humor was without equal, and that is always of high value in the workplace.  Due to his retirement, I have not seen him for a few years, but shared memories and stories of his exploits still float around the office.

In the midst of digesting this news upon entering the office, I received a call from my former Internet provider.  It seems that the credit card I had linked for payment expired and renewed recently, and they were looking for their $4.95 payment.  If you are wondering why I am still paying a former Internet provider, it is because I wanted to maintain my email address until I could be sure that I had changed over all my accounts and other important information to new places.

The representative on the phone was not rude, but I was not pleased to be called at work as if I were being pursued for collections.  So great was my displeasure that after paying the delinquent amount, I promptly requested to cancel the account in full.  Perhaps this was a bit drastic as the rep did offer to cut my cost in half (to $2.47) if I would stay for another month.  I refused, of course. 

It did give me momentary pause to wonder about the desperation of this ISP for business if they were willing to accept such a small amount to keep a customer.  True, I have been a customer for nearly a decade, but it is time to move on. 

All in all, a pretty boring day, wouldn't you agree? 

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