Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Reasons or excuses?

I really should make an effort to be a better blogger.  As of late it has become my habit to write long and (in my opinion) boring entries, lose interest and then let them languish in post purgatory forever and ever.  Amen.

While it is probably open to discussion as to why I have not felt like my work of late is good enough, my opinion is that it may be due to several top reasons. 

1.  Weather.  Late fall is always a bit dreary.  Don't get me wrong, I adore these temperatures, but all the grey can really bear down on one's soul.  Oh, and the fact that Daylight Savings is late is probably also not helping much.

2.  Work.  This is a twofold reason.  First, my current job continues to drag severely on my soul.  I have known that this saga is coming to an end for a while, but now that the end is near, it has become more difficult to withstand current conditions.  Second, the new era of my career is still up in the air.  I do not have any super promising leads, so I am left to wonder about where I will go and what I will do.  Or if anyone in the big wide world will ever want to hire me.

3.  School.  Truthfully, my workload this semester has not been onerous.  I have had no difficulty completing assignments thus far and I do not anticipate a problem with any assignments remaining.  While I have been a bit frustrated with one of my instructors, I know that the semester is almost half done and her effect on my life will be over.

4.  Other.  There are some interesting and some frustrating things going on right now in my life or close to my life.  I am not at liberty to discuss them, but they are influencing me nonetheless.

Now that I look at these things, they really are excuses more than they are reasons.  I should resolve simply to get on and write as much as possible and just hope that nothing I say is too crass, offensive, stupid or boring.  How about we start tomorrow?

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