Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Can it be?

There is a dirty, nasty rumor going around in news-bringing circles.  Brace yourselves:  tonight we may have snow. 

(Dramatic pause.)

Let it sink in.  You knew it was coming.  You heard about all the terrible snow storms out in other parts of the country, but you didn't care.  Now it is your turn.


OK, OK.  So it is only supposed to be two inches of accumulation, and you KNOW that it won't stick around for long.  It is way too early in the season for that. 

But it's so inconvenient.  The first snow of the season always causes Minnesotans to have a group memory lapse and either decide that they need to drive 2 mph on the freeway or that they can still just zoom along and cut people off like they normally would without consideration for the fact that the laws of physics are slightly altered on surfaces bearing frozen precipitation. 

Oh sure, we'll get used to it.  By mid-February it will be no big deal.  But in mid-November, I think we all hold on to the hope that perhaps the first snow will not take place until Christmas Eve.  Or later.

Some years, this hope is realized.  But after last year and the heavy accumulations we had, I am not silly enough to think that it is likely. 

In preparation for this possible snowfall, I have taken the precaution of placing my snow boots in the trunk of my car.  Next will be my heavy duty mittens and hat.  There does come a point when I am wearing this stuff every day to every place that I go, but until we have a solid six inches on the ground, I hold my ground.

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