Friday, November 11, 2011

Not much, but it will do

If it turns out that my future job does not observe all Federal Holidays, I will have to try very hard not to be upset.  For the past decade, I have enjoyed this benefit.  Today, for example, I am honoring my country's military veterans by not working.  It does seem a bit odd that I am reaping the benefit of this holiday when it seems that perhaps it should be reserved for veterans to enjoy the privilege, but I don't make the rules I guess.

So in honor of those currently serving and those who have performed their service already, thanks.  Especially to my cousin, John, currently serving in Afghanistan and my good friend Kevin who is in basic training.  You are brave men, and I pray that your service will one day bring you back to us so that we can thank you in person.

Aside from not working, today has been nice.  I had the house to myself as my mother did a trip out to the farm and my dad had to work.  I watched some episodes of "NCIS" as I felt that a show with a military theme would be good for the day. 

The rest of the weekend looks pretty calm.  A little interning, a little homework.  Should be nice.  This week is the deadline for one of the jobs I applied for that I am quite interested in, so hopefully I will hear something either way on that front soon.  I hate all the hurry-up-and-wait that comes with the job hunt. 

In case I decide to slack off some more, I hope that you all have a lovely weekend!

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