Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Darkness and privacy concerns

Good news, folks.  The predictions of the weather-people did not come true.  There was no snow last night.  Nary a flake!  This made me extremely happy as my morning commute was not impeded in any way. 

Now that our clocks have been adjusted, darkness falls much earlier in these parts.  This can be a hard adjustment for many, especially as it makes 5:30 p.m. feel more like 10 p.m.  Walking my dog now occurs entirely under the cover of night.  Our morning stroll has been dark for a while now, but now our evening perambulations have an element of dusk to them. 

Of course, now that the sprinkler systems are turned off, it is a far less treacherous journey, but I am going ot have to invest in a mini-flashlight so that I can locate my dog's droppings for disposal.  You have no idea how hard it can be to locate them in a neighborhood where the streetlights turn on and off at will.

I forgot to mention something important that happened yesterday:  Lena and I celebrated our ninth monthiversary!  Yay!  We did not do anything special to celebrate, but it was still an important milestone.

On a different note, I have decided that the networking website, LinkedIn, may be possessed by demons.  Why else would I consistently receive "invitations" and "suggestions" for people that I only know tangentially?  What I assume has happened to many people is that this demonic program somehow leeches into their computer and email accounts, where it secretly accesses any and all email addresses ever used or received.  It then sends out an "invitation" purporting to be from the member, inviting others to join them on the website.  Usually, the sender has no idea that the message has been sent.

I don't know about you, but I find this to be disturbing.  It could be considered a breach of privacy.  In fact, I am fairly certain that it IS somehow ethically questionable.

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